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Past Tenses of English Verbs in Speech: Semantic Variation

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Dear members of the Commission! The topic of my presentation today is my diploma project on the theme “Past Tenses of English Verbs in    
Speech: Semantic Variation”.

Semantic variations of the English verbs have always been the center of attention among foreign and Russian researchers, and now this issue is the most controversial. The question of the existence of the semantic variation and the importance of tense forms is the center of attention of researchers. The divergence of opinions on this issue as well as the accumulation of new facts and new approaches determines the urgency of this work.
In most of foreign researches, there are questions of the grammatical categories, which were not considered at all or were associated with the category of tense. Pretty often it is claimed of existence of specific values only in continuous forms. The remaining forms are regarded as temporary.............

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Тема работы:
Past Tenses of English Verbs in Speech: Semantic Variation
300 руб.
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